Saturday, May 31, 2014

Whitehorse, Yukon Eureka!

We had a long but nice drive to Whitehorse from Watson Lake,  about 262 miles. We made several stops for lunch at a scenic pullout along a river, ice cream break mid afternoon and the Wildlife Museum in Teslin where we stopped for fuel. It's a small but we'll done museum and free!
We arrived at Pioneer RV Park where we have stayed many times. The owners are so nice and helpful!  After a drive around town our group of now 6, us, Carolee, Dan and Lynn and Mickey Waite all went to dinner at Klondike Salmon and Ribs. It has been here forever and has excellent food. We had Yukon Gold beer (local) and halibut fish and chips. Delicious! We went back to Pioneer and booked 3 tours. Today we went to Muktuk Kennels to learn about sled dogs and their raising, care and team building. Wow! We had a private tour and we were all blown away! We all learned so much about the dogs, the kennels and the Yukon Quest race that the owner, Frank, won in 1995. He is a very impressive man that truly has a passion for his work and his dogs.
We got to run (walk) with some of the huskies down to the Yukon River, play, love and interact with them. And what grear, happy dogs they are! Manuella, who runs the kennels with Frank and his wife, was a carpenter from Germany that came to the Yukon 8 years ago on a 2 year work visa. Her story of falling into the work with Frank and his team of 117 huskies was so interesting and truly fate. The Yukon is now her home and her passion is the raising and training of these special dogs. We all had a wonderful day then came home, cooked a great joint dinner of ham steaks, potatoes and peas. Tomorrow we are off to Skagway, Alaska....for the day! By the way, sunset tonight is 11:15 p.m. Goodnight!


  1. Skagway was one of my favorite places in Alaska. Loved the train ride and the history involved in the railway. We also took the passage ferry to Haines, had the BEST Mexican food at a place just down from the ferry dock. There is a wonderful author there, Heather Lende, that has written 2 book about living in Haines, both are excellent book.
    Such a beautiful part of Alaska!

    1. I have read her books! Hard to put down. We are going there in August

  2. Geez, I thought I read this through... Took the passenger ferry to Haines, and Heather Lende wrote 2 books. Actually there is a third one but it won't be out til spring of next year. Hope the weather is as incredible as the scenery.