Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our AK Ferry Hopping through SE - Kodiak and Haines

I know I have been remiss but I must admit that our last month in Alaska was spent with little to no internet.  When I was able to log on, it was either to handle business or a quick FB update.  How do I capture 9 different ferry journeys to 8 different amazing destinations and points inbetween? I will try! Our first ferry took us from Homer to Kodiak. It was a very long ride of almost 12 hours. It flew by! We arrived at 10:45 p.m. and found that the 2 camgrounds were full of workers there to build a new airport runway. We were never so grateful for a Wal Mart! The next day the VFW Post took pity on me and three veterans and allowed us to boondock there for the week. We drove EVERY road, saw every sight, met wonderful people and dogs but never saw a grizzly bear! We tried and tried to no avail. The VFW even held a party for us one evening! It was a blast.
Back to Homer we returned (think 10 ft swells and seasick Chris...ugh) and drove the AK Hwy to Haines, still my fav AK town! It was our 4th visit there. It took us a fast 3 days to get there. Carolee and Dan took a leisurely 6. The Haines Hwy from Haines Jct. is breathtakingly beautiful! Trumpeter swans, eagles, black bears, mountain vistas. So hard to describe the sheer magnificence. Our first night was spent at Chilkat State Park. Beautiful but too far away.I might add we parked on the ocean with full hook ups for the next 3 nights, a real treat! We attended a Dungeness crab potluck at the c.g. So much fun and good eating! Then we moved to the Chilkoot Lake St. Pk. where we have always seen grizzlies fishing for salmon. We didn't but Carolee and Dan did! We toured everything possible there and it was a glorious birthday week. Next stop, Juneau. (To be continued....)