Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Time is Flying By!

 I last posted a month ago while getting ready for Quartzsite. I have no idea where the time went. We survived! It was the coldest weather we have ever had there. Wore 3 or 4 layers daily including coats and gloves! It was usually 31 to 34 outside and in the 20's in the a.m. inside the Big Tent. Did I say miserable?
Other than the physical discomfort, we had a good show. We were able to buy an RV freezer (think halibut) and a brake for Stuby 2, both needed for AK. We saw lots of people we know including wonderful, long time customers. Before the show started, we got to spend 2 evenings with friends Dusty and George who drove down from Kanab, UT to see us! We also spent time with Carol and Jerry Dale and Lynn and Mickey Waite and attended Escapees Happy Hour. After a long 12 days,  we came home with Charles complaining of a very red and sore finger. The man never complains! As it grew progressively worse, he went to the Dr. and the next day, after a late night in the ER, was admitted to the hospital for 4 days, being put on several IV antibiotics. It was a brown recluse spider bite, we think. He is now healing nicely, some 2 weeks later. He was at high risk for losing his middle finger or the first digit of it. We were very lucky it was caught early with wonderful medical intervention and lots of prayers. I have been extremely busy with business since our return to Yuma and finally enjoyed my first weekend off in over a month. We went to Quartzsite with friends on Saturday to catch the tail end of the Tyson Wells market and enjoyed a Silly Al's Pizza. On Sunday, Cheri and Daryl Lawrence hosted an "UnSuper Bowl" party and a belated welcome to AZ for Jackie and Gordon Swaffield. It was postponed due to Charles' hospital stay. We had such fun and ate lots of good food! I grilled tri-tip and Cheri made 2 kinds of chicken wings, among other goodies. The Boys are doing fine and enjoying playing outside in the warm sunshine! It got to 80 today. Perfect!
We will be leaving Yuma in a few weeks for the FMCA Rally in Chandler, AZ. This winter season is truly flying by! Our adventure continues....