Saturday, October 18, 2014

Busy week with more to come!

I know that a week officially starts on Sunday but I like to think mine starts on Monday. Monday's are by far my busiest business day followed closely by Friday. So when Friday rolls around I am VERY ready for my 2 days of rest! I guess most people who work feel that way. So this Monday was crazy busy! Tuesday was us up before light, driving (think crawling) into the Houston Medical Center for our annual Dr. appointments. We both see the same wonderful cardiologist, Dr. Robert Hust. Mom went to him too when she was alive. We have everyone there "trained" about our time constraints, RX needs, etc. and they schedule us perfectly for tests and such. They understand we only come home to Texas twice a year and drive 180 miles round trip for visits. But it is well worth it as the care is extraordinary. I do not have heart disease but I do have high BP which is managed. Every older person on both sides of my family do or did have heart disease, bypasses, heart block, heart failure, aneurysms, strokes. You name it, they have had it,  so I do my best to prevent it. Of course there are no guarantees. Charles has several Stents and a leaky heart valve and is managed well and doing great! We thank Dr. Hust and his team for it. Methodist Hospital is awesome. So after his stress test and Echo we both saw the Dr. (had lab work sent the week before) and we were deemed fit to keep on keeping on! We will get Charles' last 2 test results next week but expect good news. Why am I telling you this? I think many RVers do not establish and see really good Dr's that will follow their history and monitor them closely. Top specialists.  So if you are one of those, let me know, I have great recommendations for all kinds of doctors.
It was a long day and we got home late and I had most of my work to still do. So besides work, I also volunteered to help with registration and ticket sales for our Escapees Annual Fall celebration. So I have been doing that several days before  the afternoon Social Hour. Friday was Mammogram day for me in Humble. I have been going to the same state of the art women's facility at Memorial Hermann since 1991. It's important to create a history of films for comparison purposes. I have had 2 different "scares" of possible breast cancer and many biopsies. Last year I was told I could go back to annual screenings instead of 2-3 per year. So, my fingers are crossed again for good news. Then we went to Office Max for a case of paper and printer toner. We had lunch after my ta-ta pics at a fav Chinese restaurant in Kingwood, Oriental  Gardens. We have been eating there since 1991 when we lived in Kingwood. Awesome food and service! We had lunch with Charles' two closest friends since childhood. One lives in Sugarland and the other in NW Houston. It was such fun catching up! Johnny was the best man at our wedding and David a previous best man for Charles! We slept in Sat. morning then went to the SPCA Fall Frolic. Got to visit with all the precious doggies waiting for forever homes.  Our 2 boys are rescues. So many beautiful animals needing love. We took big bags of dog and kitty food to them also. From there it was La Casita for lunch and then the Livingston Trade Days. Tons of vendors and "treasures" but none that I couldn't live without, thank goodness! We did a lot of walking there and a stop at Wally World. Tomorrow will be the Pilot Club Annual Turkey Dinner fundraiser, a visit from my niece Terri and hubby Jim and our friend Valli Ann is coming for dinner! Whew! Oh yes, and our Fright Fest kicks off tomorrow with ice cream and ticket sales again for me. This coming week will be full too but with lots of fun thrown in! Have a great week!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Home in Texas

We really were looking forward to getting back to Rainbows End in Livingston. We will be here until after Thanksgiving. While we are usually in Yuma, AZ by the beginning of November,  this year we will be later but for a great reason. Charles' step-daughter Kristen is getting married in Houston! We are so happy for her and Roy! We have not met him yet, but feel we know him through FB. It does make it nice.
So, what have we been doing at home? After only a week, we had to go to Shreveport for a week to work our last rally for 2014, an FMCA Area rally. We stayed at my cousin Donnie's dealer c.g. with 50 amp fhu. Yes, we took the big RV and it was seventh heaven after living in Stubby for 5 1/2 months! We knew we missed our home on wheels, but didn't realize just how much. We got to see all the cousins and 1 dear friend while there, even though we were very busy working and the weather was miserably hot for 3 days with no a/c in the building. We did make the best of our time. We camped with our friends the Lawrences so it was great catching up with them and getting to see Nicky, their Yorkie. Our cousins all had us for fabulous meals and parties during the week and weekend. It was so much fun! We also were able to meet the monument people at the family plot to set the marker for my Mom and brother. They did a beautiful job. It is Texas pink granite. We came back to Livingston to a very busy work week. This weekend has been go-go but in a fun way. We attended a BBQ fundraiser for the Knights of Columbus and garage sale. One of our neighbors is the pit boss and cooked some killer brisket and ribs! Tomorrow, here at the park, we have an Ice Cream Social where I will  sell tickets and register Escapees for our Fright Fest celebration that starts in a week. On top of all that, we have 3 Dr. appointments in Houston this next week too. And of course, running my business never stops! So, even though we aren't on the road, we are quite busy. Charles has many projects to keep him occupied as well. Weather is perfect! Cool a.m. and p.m. and warm in between. Perfect for coffee on our porch and a glass of wine in the evenings.
Hope everyone has a great week!