Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our last day in Stephen, MN was our best!

Funny how an unexpected happening in life can sometimes be a most memorable one. That is how we have felt our "more than overnight" stay in Stephen, MN has been. Instead of moping, too badly, because we are more than ready to head through Canada (only 31 miles away) and on to Alaska, we decided to make the best of it by getting to know the people of this farming community. What a marvelous little town, full of some of the nicest, warmest, and friendliest people you could find anywhere! Carolee and I were both looking for a reasonable campground to meet at near the MN/Canadian border. We happened upon this city owned c.g. We have been stuck here waiting on the FedEx package that was lost and now hopefully found. Well, it is SUPPOSED to be here by 10 tomorrow. We shall see!
We met the town clerk, Roger, then the State Trooper/Fire Chief, Shaun. What great guys! From there it's the Community Center head, Nona (what a delightful lady!) and Ethel, the museum curator and town historian, who gave us a private 2 hour tour of the OHM (Old Home Museum) this morning, then ate wings with us this evening! Then came Heather the massage therapist/bartender. Heather hunts deer with black powder only; catches huge sturgeons, traps beaver for the city/county and about 100 other attributes! A real outdoors lady, goodwill ambassador and now my FB friend! Then there is the great guy at the Legion (forgot his name) that came by to help Dan with his gas can without a key; and the local guys who never let us buy our own beers at the Legion; not one!  Just nice, down-home folks! We have so enjoyed our time here. Bingo (which I hate, and Charles abhors) was even fun last night, thanks to them and about 20 more we met. Visit Stephen, MN and tell them Chris and Carolee sent ya.

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