Saturday, May 24, 2014


Seemed like it took forever to get across Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Lots of farmland, prairie, brown, a few cows and horses and not much else. SO happy to be in Alberta! It is so diverse and it is green and we saw our first wildflowers! We thought we had lost an airbag on Stubby. It had deflated. Charles crawled under it. All looks fine. He will watch it, thinks it might be the valve stem. It did reinflate and held all day over some bouncy roads. We stopped this morning at Canadian Tire in N. Battleford, Saskatchewan. We love that store, so I elected to stay with the dogs. No temptations that way as I have NO room in Stubby for extra stuff! Charles bought a small air compressor. We then treated ourselves to our first Tim Hortons!  It won't be our last, I assure you! (Ok...Google it!) But, we drove through lunch with just some Chex Mix. One of our favorite driving snacks. This is the first day I didn't take my turn at driving. I was really tired and headachy with the time zone changes, sun up before 5 a.m. and me up too. This craziness must stop!
We all rolled along and covered 333 miles today. Dan has to stop for fuel every 150 miles so he does 2 fill ups to our one. His tank only holds 24 gal. and ours is 55. We all take breaks, of course.
Tonight Carolee thawed boiled shrimp for dinner. We grazed on it, dip, homemade salsa, baby carrots and pea salad. We have had some intereating and quite good meals! We pitch in and both contribute and it makes it nice. We are staying at a Lions Club campground west of Edmonton. Full hook up, $35, and we got the last 2 sites. We will make an early grocery run to Safeway in the morning. It will be our first since we left Elkhart. Want to stock up before we hit the Alcan where prices are much higher and availability not as great. We hope to be near Dawson Creek tomorrow night. Mile Marker 1. Alaska, here we come!!

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  1. Sounds delightful! Seen any animals yet? Safe travels.