Sunday, May 18, 2014

There is no beer in Minnesota

We left Chippewa Falls, WI early and stopped in Bloomer for special Sweigherts coarse weiners and water. We do have our priorities! It was a beautiful drive on Hwy 53 with no traffic through national forests and past many beautiful lakes full of catfish and northern pike. Lots of bait shops lined the highway.  Most of the towns had 600-700 people. We got to Crockston, MN around 4 p.m. after about 450 miles where we bought a new spot mirror that fell off Stubby in WI earlier in the day. We also stopped for a few groceries as Carolee called and said that Stephen, MN where we were meeting had one tiny grocery that had closed early. Dan yelled in the background,"buy beer." We had decided on a quick dinner of hot dogs with chili and baked beans and of course you can't eat hotdogs without beer! So the quest began. At the first grocery store I asked.."do you sell beer?" The girl looked at me like I had 2 heads and didn't understand me. Now I thought her accent strange too! Finally, after repeating myself twice I was told to go to Mick's Bar. I thought that couldn't be right. So after several convenience stores I found out there is no beer sold! We arrived in Stephen around 5:30 and were happily greeted by our travel companions!  We ate and cooked outside and caught up on our travels. I retired to my desk about 7 to catch up on quotes and policies from Escapade. We heard a knock on the door and it was Roger, the city clerk, checking on us! He and Carolee became fast friends by phone when she made our reservations. So I asked Roger..where do you buy beer in Minnesota?  He says at the bars.  Want me to take you? So the girl who sent me to Mick's was right! Who would have thunk?
I caught up on my work and finished by 11:30, exhausted. We slept like rocks after 1100 miles in 2 days. Today we are making a 51 mile run to Grand Forks, ND for our final WW run. Tomorrow is our final prep day for laundry and paperwork and we will celebrate  Charles' 70th birthday. We are planning a fun time and delicious menu.


  1. Try the Liquor Run app. It has state laws and availability. It will even navigate you to your destination.

  2. There's 10 of us waiting for you all to catch up. Today (Mon) we will be setting in Hythe, Alberta about 25 miles from Dawson Creek. See ya....Dennis & Carol.