Sunday, May 14, 2017

On to Liard Hot Springs, BC

We got going a little after 7 and decided to stop for fuel and breakfast in Fort Nelson. We had enjoyed breakfast at the Fort Nelson Hotel last trip and this time was no exception!
I then spent 3 hours parked in front of the hotel catching up on work as I had great internet coverage. Mickey and Lynn went on ahead of us. We traveled 253 miles and it took us 9 hours and 27 min. including our time in Fort Nelson. Gas there at the Husky was $1.24/lt. CN. It was a bonanza day in terms of wildlife! I didn't get any pictures because I was driving most of the day. We saw a porcupine up a tree; 2 hawk, 2 moose, 1 deer, a caribou, 2 more moose, 8 wood bison and another Bull Moose!
My right knee has been giving me fits (old injury and one surgery) so I was not up to walking the half mile (round trip) to the springs and back. I LOVE the hot water but made the decision to stay behind and rest. Everyone else enjoyed their time there though and I might catch it on the way back.

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