Monday, May 1, 2017

Days 4 and 5 - On to Great Falls, MT

We all were moving a little slower on Sunday morning as it was quite noisy in Billings. Between the sirens, motorcycles revving their engines (bar across the street), gunshots and then heavy equipment chiming in with "Beep Beep Beep" which started before before 6 a.m. and went on we didn't sleep too well! Our drive to Great Falls was quite scenic but slow due to the cross and then headwinds!
Our views included plenty of antelope, deer (pic), hawks (pic), and a family of Canada geese with 9 baby ducklings! (pic)
Rolling hills


Hawk at top of pole

Canada Geese family

We arrived about 3 p.m. and were greeted by Mickey and Lynn Waite at the Malmstron AFB Fam Camp. They had our site next to them waiting. Of course we had to visit and catch up over Chinese food. The company was great! (the food mediocre)
It was early to bed for all of us.

Monday morning was up early and for me and head straight to my desk for a full day of work. Charles helped Lynn with some RV repair projects and a trip to Home Depot. He also worked on another project of his own; running another 12 volt line. Al and Mick went and registered us and found a laundromat for Weds. so we can head in to Canada with clean clothes. We plan on crossing the border on Thurs. After my work day was over, we all headed to Wal Mart to replenish supplies. I bought a new Keurig as our "off brand" we found on sale for Stuby was not doing its job. This non-morning girl MUST have her coffee and everyone seconded that! It was PB&J's for dinner and no one complained. I was too tired to cook and needed to take some time to map out our route from here to Fairbanks. I talked to friends Wallace and Wanda Lewis (aka Moose and Moosette) and they gave us a slightly alternate route in Alberta that we are going to try. They are heading out tomorrow but we will catch up with them somewhere. I got it all mapped out and highlighted. Mission accomplished!

Lynn, Mickey and Al 

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  1. Two years ago we were in Billings. Parked in the hospital lot. Did not seem noisy. Pete had a cancer removed from his calf in Billings.