Monday, May 1, 2017

Days 2 & 3 Canyon to Brush CO to Billings, MT

The last 2 days has flown by! Day 2 was a day of watching rainstorms around us as we went through the Grasslands of  Oklahoma and eastern Colorado. The scenery was a bit redundant but the rolling hills had no traffic! Well there were these unusual rocks!

 We pulled into the free, municipal c.g. in Brush, CO at dusk. We have stayed here twice before. We drove further than we planned to but were trying to get north of the snow storm coming in at night! I cooked my first dinner in Stuby! Steak, salad and corn. Everyone deemed it delicious! It was early to bed.

 We awoke to 27 degrees and heavy snow flurries! We got on the road early and after a quick stop at McDonald's for breakfast sandwiches (Al volunteered to make the run in the snow!)

We headed through Greeley to Cheyenne, WY and then north. The day was cold, in the 30's, but breathtakingly beautiful! We traversed snow covered mountains and many acres of black cows and antelope! Oh yes, and a Jackalope too! Fortunately the roads were dry.

 We made frequent stops for breaks and a combo gas stop/Safeway run for essentials in Douglas, WY. Al did find some essential Twinkies too! Our day took us as high as 6300 ft.

 As we entered Montana, we dropped over 2000 ft. Suddenly the snow was gone, replaced with green fields and signs of spring with budding trees and alfalfa growing. We rolled into the Moose Lodge in Billings right at dusk some 12 hours and 579 miles later. The Boys were happy too!

 Yes, a very long day but we look forward to a short 230 mile trek tomorrow to meet up with our Alaska traveling buddies, Lynn and Mickey Waite. We
can't wait to see them! We were thankful for a dump station and water fill too tonight. 30 amp electric is also welcome.
I fixed breakfast for dinner of eggs and fried ham. I had baked a big ham before leaving San Angelo so it has been our lunch staple too. The joke for 3 days has been, "ls the ham gone yet?" Nope!
Another early to bed.

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