Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Only 41 miles and back to Soldotna!

We decided Sunday night that we all needed a change in scenery. Since we were headed to Soldotna on Monday for the Bush Poodles to be groomed at Petco (and wait 3+ hours for them), we would just move our rigs back to our fav boondocking spot of Freddy Meyers. Of course it's actually rather expensive because I find groceries and other stuff I must go into the store to get, daily! The boys came home perfectly handsome and are no longer Bush poodles. They did a great job! Of course it was the most expensive grooming of their lives, $40 each, but this is Alaska. Hopefully they will get their next ones in the lower 48 for around $28-$30, what we are used to paying. We have found good to excellent groomers all over the country in our travels. Have only had 2 or so we would never go back to. We did 3 full days of errand running, fighting some fishing traffic and way too many RV rentals that don't know how to drive, park, dump, or water fill!! Many are downright scary! We had a long Class C rental squeeze into the site next to us today. They had a huge slide behind the driver and with the slide in, he had parked within 3 inches of our slide! Scared the daylights out of me and Carolee as we sat at the dinette! Our window was open so I am saying to the lady, do not put your slide out, you are too close! She just looked at me. I yelled to Charles, who was outside, to tell the driver. None of them spoke English! All from Europe. At least they didn't put the slide out! We decided to move Stubby over as far as possible, toward Dan and Carolee's rig. We knew the foreigners would realize their mistake come bed time. After we moved I felt much better. We all went out for dinner at Frosos and had delicious pizza and a good merlot. We then rounded off the evening with frozen yogurt. Tomorrow we head back to Ninilchik. We have had enough of our "city fix!"


  1. One time we were at a park that had the pull up handle to make the water turn on. A foreigner in a rental was pumping the water handle to fill his fresh water tank!

  2. Thank goodness you were there when they were going to put the slide out. Think they would have left a note taking responsibility for the damage?
    But it's a story while you are in Alaska, too cool.