Saturday, July 26, 2014

Oh what a day!

I knew better than to get up early.  I knew that couldn't be a good thing. Yeppers, was right....
Up at 7:30, shower, 2 loads of laundry, breakfast, pack up to leave by 11 and away we go to Homer! Only 45 miles or so, no big deal.....So we roll into the Visitors Center to find the free RV parking lot (there now) that I read about "in one of those many books on Homer". Only a block away! And away we go! Have big, fun plans for the day; Farmers Market, winery, shopping, sightseeing, the Spit, art galleries, dinner out....Get parked and I notice water coming out of an overflow tube under Carolee's and Dan's rig. Did you overfill the fresh water? No....Carolee opens the door to a flooded trailer!  OMG! The new water faucet vibrated on (handle), water pump was left on, sink stopper was in.....a mess. Charles and I go buy a mop and 3 hours later with fans and furnaces going, the RV floor, cushions, basement, etc is being dried out. We went for a Chinese dinner at Happy Face on the Spit (thanks to YELP app. my fav, ck it out!). Good food, good prices, friendly service in the POURING rain! Haven't we had enough water for one day? Yes, we got soaked. But nothing stops us. Dessert was Micky D's caramel sundaes!
Back to the free parking lot. Oh wait, there's more to the day, the "feel good" part. While we were drying the RV out, Charles walked the dogs and spotted a very still (odd) Bald Eagle sitting on a propane tank. He calls me over and after awhile the bird hops off and waddles a ways and looks back at us. He appears to be hurt, a wing, and can not fly. I call the Islands and Oceans Center (3 times) and follow the eagle, at a distance. He makes it across the Sterling Hwy. I am frantic! Cars stop for the limping eagle. After an hour, I get a call from AK Fish and Game. I find the eagle for them and they are going to save him!!!! We were all SO happy! An eagle that can not fly, can not eat. And THAT was the best part of our day! Tonight we are boondocking in the AK State Ferry line. We leave on our adventure to Kodiak island in the a.m. We are all so excited.
Hope we can sleep!


  1. What a great feeling you must have for saving the eagle. Good job!

  2. Catching lots of fish, seeing all kinds of wildlife, but saving an eagle. That has got to be the highlight! Big kudos to you for following him, helping it across the hwy. and getting in touch with the AK Fish and Game people. Wow.
    Safe travels and continued great time.

  3. THANK YOU!!! I am so sorry for the eagle and so very proud and happy for you two!! And thankful, too! Happy, happy! Love and miss you!