Monday, June 23, 2014

Too much fun!

I can't believe it's been 12 days since my last update. We stay on the go and crash and burn at night. I know, no excuse! We all enjoyed Valdez, especially getting to see the Eagles being fed fish each afternoon at 5 at Bayside RV where we stayed! I got some great shots! We left there and spent the night in Kenny Lake, near the Copper River. Took a drive to the native village of Chitina. Looking for the fish wheels but access to the river is only by Quads. We did see a lot of roadside campers and their quads there to fish. You must be a resident and in some places, a native, to either dipnet or use the fishwheel to catch salmon. They limit the time strictly. The main reason for us going to Kenny Lake was for Diamond Willow. Very prized for walking sticks and quite beautiful!  We all got one but OMG, the mosquitoes were SO bad there! The air was black in places, so thick! From KL we travelled to Palmer where we spent several nights at the Moose Lodge, enjoying the sights including the Independence Mine and beautiful mountain vistas. We were there for Father's Day and all the guys got their Steak dinners free! We had a lot of fun! We then ventured to Anchorage for 2 nights at the Moose there. Mickey and Lynn and Carolee and Dan did the Native Alaskan Heritage Center. Since we have visited it twice before, we had a day for errands and getting our city fix with a fast food lunch! Leaving Anchorage we headed south along scenic Turnagain Arm to Seward, on the top end of the Kenai Peninsula. We spent 5 nights there and got our fill of otter watching and just enjoying the natural scenery. We cooked outside a lot, even through the frequent showers. We stayed at the Seward Resort campground. It was quite nice. Charles snagged his first Red Salmon of the year! He caught the end of their season but will catch the main run here in Soldotna in mid July. Our trip today to Soldotna was a short one, only about 65 miles. We are boondocking at Fred Meyer's for a night or two. Very handy since we had to order our medications here. Lynn and Mickey are with us. Carolee and Dan are at a USFS campground for a night or 2. Dan likes the "bush." They will rejoin us later.
Lynn is cooking chili tonight and they have gone exploring.  I had a lot of business to attend to so we stayed behind. Tomorrow should be another busy day seeing the sights! Soldotna is in the heart of the Kenai River, the motherlode for salmon fishing. It is one of our fav Alaskan towns and we know it quite well. Being here feels like "home" to us in many ways. Mom loved it too. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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