Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Richardson Hwy South

We said our goodbyes to Fairbanks and headed south on the Richardson Hwy. This section of it we had never traveled before because we usually head to Denali on the Parks Hwy. This trip we are bypassing Denali. We first headed to Delta Junction as we got a late start from Fairbanks. We all needed food and fuel which took some time.
We stayed at the Moose Lodge, one we had never visited before. They had a nice open area for us to park. We all went in for conversation, an adult beverage and free popcorn. I made homemade chicken enchiladas for dinner for everyone. 3 pans cooked in 3 ovens, in 3 different RVs! We all ate heartily and deemed delicious!
We stopped at the Visitors Center the next morning running into Dennis and Carol Hill who were headed to Fairbanks. We continued down the highway and it was a beautiful drive of lakes,  snow capped mountains, tundra, black spruce, swans and saw 3 moose! We stayed the night in a huge right of way overlooking the Gilkana River. Charles tried his hand at fishing but sadly, no bites. We had a simple dinner of hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire that our resident Boy Scout, Lynn Waite, so handily made. There were lots of laughs around the campfire. This morning we continued on our journey to Valdez,  passing thru Copper Center and Glenallen where we fueled. Our most expensive Alaska gas so far, $4.35/gal. The drive to Valdez is magnificent! You pass many glaciers, waterfalls, sheer cliffs, traversing several long grades up and down. The snow capped mountains have no words. The beauty is surreal.  We arrived in Valdez about 1:30 staying at our fav, Bayside RV Park. We all went for fresh halibut at the Halibut House (another fav). Then I c as me back and worked for several hours, catching up on my online work and phone calls. Then Carolee and I did loads and loads of laundry! Not fun, but necessary just the same. Well, we did have fun talking and meeting a lady from Austria and one from Minnesota! Afterror a light dinner at home, we took a scenic drive and got an ice cream. A great ending to another wondrous day in Alaska.

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